As a Production Service company, we offer Production Support and Service to production companies shooting in India, Thailand & Europe. We offer the best selection of location services, covering india, thailand, poland, hungary, prague and much more.

Pixelspace Production is the provider of all your production needs.

  • Scout and manage exotic production locations
  • Provide professional and experienced personnel
  • Manage your production equipment requirements
  • Maintain a positive & friendly working relationship

To ensure every production runs smoothly we have a motivated team comprising of:
• Line Producers • Photographers, Production Managers • Assistant Directors • Art Directors • Location Managers • Location Scouts • Talent Scouts • Wardrobe Stylist • Make up Artists
• Hair Stylist • Camera Assistants • Prop Masters

The Pixelspace team is highly motivated and committed to combine their experience, creativity and professionalism to offer a service par excellence to any company wishing to Film/shoot in Thailand, Indian & Europe.